Why OmniEngage?

We have been designing workflows for emails, SMS, push notifications, sales and marketing independently. But how should our workflows change as we design them across the wide array of touchpoints we have today? With Omniengage you can easily design intelligent campaigns that help you better identify:


If (should you even reach out to the person)


(time and day)


(SMS vs email vs web, mobile, Facebook messenger etc)


(What should you say)

How does this help me?


Its always been a challenge to understand how to prioritize and properly leverage all the channels we now have available to interact with a customer. There needs to be an intelligent way to handle cross channel messaging.


With Omniengage we seek to help you better leverage all the tools available today to connect with your customer while focusing on the customer journey and customer experience.


CrossChannel and Omnichannel Marketing done right!

Great communication requires an understanding of the right channel, the right message, and the right timing. With Omniengage, you can intelligently choose the channel, the message and timing of a message based on a wide range of factors and data points.

Create, share & get results.


You can send messages through your own existing tools, but control the touchpoints through Omniengage, a birds eye view of all your messaging.


You can decide which triggers you want to use, like opening a credit card page but not converting, or a transaction failing or interacting with a certain page, feature or product on your site.


You can decide how to sequence crosschannel communication and easily compare different workflows and their performances. AB testing, multivariate testing of workflows is key to understanding what performs best for each segment of your audience.

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Plus plan

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Starts at

Min. Bill amount $22/month Min. Bill amount $220/year
  • 20 workflows
  • 5000 monthly push web notification
  • 10,000 monthly emails
  • A/B testing
  • 20 workflows
  • 60000 yearly push web notification
  • 120,000 yearly emails
  • A/B testing
  • $3 for every 1000 extra monthly push web notification
  • $3 for every 1000 extra monthly emails
  • Branding removal: $75 per month
  • Extra user for $12/month
  • Extra branding for $75/month
  • $30 for every 12000 extra yearly push web notification
  • $30 for every 12000 extra yearly emails
  • Branding removal: $750 per year
  • Extra user for $120/year
  • Extra branding for $750/year

Enterprise plan

Unleash your full potential

Upgrade to Plus or Enterprise to enjoy more features.
  • Perfect for businesses with high volume requirements
  • Take advantage of special rates and customized plans
  • Over 20 users
  • Access to all features
  • Priority support